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12.08.2016. Performance and poetry@Fighting For Crumbs


On Friday 12 Aug from 6:30pm on-wards we’ll be having a performance and poetry event, alongside a last chance to see The Fighting For Crumbs exhibition

Nick Kilby


Artist Nick Kilby will be breaking his two year performance fast to put something together for the Fighting For Crumbs event on August 12th at the Gage Gallery in Sheffield, located inside KIAC, Sheffield, S3 8DB. 6:30 – 9pm

‘”To the 330’ is a noise/aktion blood hex against an occupying administration. Be fun to see some of y’all. There will be no milk x”


Jeff Jethro Platts

Jeff is a singer with Parson’s Lot and CAMBODiA, a writer, performer, activist, campaigner, ex miner, ex many things.


follow our events page on facebook to keep up to date. https://www.facebook.com/events/1766943633588740/permalink/1777196522563451

6:30-9pm, Gage Gallery. The Lions Works, 40 Ball St, Sheffield S3 8DB



‘Bells From The Deep’, The Hundred Years Gallery

I will be showing my more smallish drawings ‘Hyper-Malaise’, ‘A Cognitive Austerity’ and ‘Five MORE Years…’ in ‘Bells From The Deep’ at The Hundred Years gallery, Pearson Street, Hoxton, London, E2 8JD

hyper_mailaise__2014__by_johnledgerA Cognitive AusteritySKMBT_C45215051319090-page-001

The ‘Bells from the Deep’ exhibition is the outcome of our latest Open Call for Drawing and Hand Made Prints. Hundred Years Gallery opens its space to over sixty artists of all ages, those who may have never had the opportunity of exhibiting their work, those who perhaps never dare to show them in public, and those who just want to feel free of judgement from arts panels. As well as practicing artists and print makers we have encouraged all of our neighbours from the York Row Council Estate to participate as part of our arts community

Thursday 2nd July 7:30-10:00pm

The Exhibition runs from 2nd to 22nd of July 2015

Wednesday to Friday, 10am-6pm.
Saturday, 4-11pm.
Sunday, 12-7pm.

My books from the past 6/7 years of doing exhibitions/keeping blogs

ImageI now have a collection of books from the past 6/7 years of doing exhibitions/keeping blogs, that are available here http://www.blurb.co.uk/user/store/ledgefromkec