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Strange Bedfellows open event

11850900_10206439501659081_1121553486_nThis Friday (2 October) will see the opening event for the Barnsley town centre-based exhibition Strange Bedfellows, consisting of myself, and four very talented artists Terry Brookes, Rory Garforth, Rob Nunns and Elizabeth Sinkova. Here are some photographs of the exhibition after we set it up yesterday. PLEASE COME.

Contemporary Gallery, 2-4 The Arcade, Barnsley

Friday 2 October

6 – 8:30pm


until 7 October (in the daytime) 10 – 4pm

P1040276 P1040278 P1040279 P1040282 P1040285We had been thinking of putting such a show on for a long time, and all feel incredibly pleased with they way it’s ended up looking after yesterday’s installation in this former retail unit in our shared-home town of Barnsley. The reason for the title Strange Bedfellows is precisely down to how much our work differs, in both style and motives, but that we are all somehow part of a community of friends, here in this town of 230,000 people (the same population as Athens “In antiquity”, so I’ve heard…).

Although the five of us agreed that this is first and foremost a celebration of a selection of artists from/involved with Barnsley, I asked the other participating artists, earlier this year, if they would like our show to coincide with another event in town, so it could at least support it on some level.  As on the opening night we are giving away some prints of our works, as part of a raffle in aid of food-banks in Barnsley. It felt massively appropriate to partake on some level in this project, under the name of We Shall Overcome, which is a nationwide event, which also consists of many other events across our home town, but primarily focused on a two day music event at The Barnsley Rock and Blues Bar (formerly the Polish Club).


free drinks/bites to eat

and there will be a decent place to go afterwards:

The Vinyl Underground: Stereo Bar, Peel Street, 8pm-1am

12042641_1045413988811257_1905438847023465697_nThe usual mad mix of Soul, Ska, 60s Beat, Mod, Garage, Punk and Funk all lovingly played on Vinyl. Friday night ‘afterparty’ special in the upstairs venue at STEREO BAR for the ‘STRANGE BEDFELLOWS’ art exhibition

Two Upcoming Exhibitions

From mid-September to early October the main body of the last 4 years of my artwork will be stretched between two exhibitions of a quite different nature.

11800002_1627123337560392_755793731947607952_nThe first exhibition begins at 6:30pm on Friday 18 September, at Gage Gallery in Sheffield. I will be exhibiting in this large space alongside John Wilkinson, a painter whose work is more than certainly both as narrative-heavy as my own, and as critically engaged with the current state of play. I look forward to seeing how our two styles work together, whether this adds any further depth/dimension to way our works are viewed when exhibited as solo artist shows.

The exhibition will run to October 1st, 11-4PM

Gage Gallery, Ball Street, S3 8DB

11889623_10206472157435455_4561138706809850260_n 11850900_10206439501659081_1121553486_n

On Tuesday 28 September I will be part of a show consisting of a group of 5 artists all from/ or with strong links to the town of Barnsley. The exhibition will be called Strange Bedfellows, due to the contrasting styles and approaches in making of those involved. What joins us together is our connection to Barnsley, and a desire to see a celebration of a selection of its visual artists.

I will be exhibiting alongside Rory Garforth, Terry Brookes, Rob Nunns, Elizabeth Sinkova

Additionally, we will be holding a evening opening event on Friday 2 October. Where prints/artists’ merchandise will be donated to a fundraiser in support of local foodbanks. This is followed by a connected Vinyl Underground music event across the road at The No7 pub.

@Contemporary Gallery, 2-4 The Arcade, Barnsley

Free Entry

Tues 28 Sept – Weds 7 Oct

10:00 – 16:00

New Prints Available

Big thanks to photographer Rory Garforth for taking some print-quality images of my drawings Feverish and Whilst We Were in The Eternal Now…, two works that I spent the latter half of 2014 working on.

Whilst We Were in The Eternal Now…

Whilst We Were In The Eternal Now... close up 2 close up


Feverish close 1 John 1 - Copy

Photographs of my work taken by Rory Garforth

Very grateful to friend and photographer Rory Garforth for taking some really good quality photographs today. He also took some photographs of me with my works, perhaps the only kind of photograph I’m comfortable with (protected by the shield of my body of artwork, which I do, to some extent, see as my arsenal). Rory currently has an exhibition at Civic Barnsley

Here are a few of the photographs:

the hole in my stomach is making the hole in the sky (1015x1280)

john1 (1280x854) Planets mental illness_close 10 (1280x854)

john3 (854x1280)

Progress... (819x1280)

John5 (1280x1024)  Place of deads ends_close (854x1280)

Planets mental illness_close 9 (1280x854)

John 1 (834x1280)