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“I believe in Capitalism”

“I Believe in Capitalism” (2010)
biro on paper, 120X160cm
I believe in capitalism - John Ledger

close up of finished piece close up of finished piece 2 IMG_4558

My drawings require me to under go shifts of manual labour; seemingly endless daily repetition. I could be almost undertaking a factory duty, and sometimes I feel like I am using a production method which rivals, in scale of input, that of the mass produce of the system I am trying to stand up to. For this task, the sturdy, bog-standard, office-like nature of the ordinary biro seems fitting.

The landscape of “I believe in Capitalism” shows the insanity of proceeding with a system which is only sustainable in the kind of dream-like world actually fabricated by the system to keep the masses as “Glazed-eyed passive citizens”. The collage of the richest cities’ skyscrapers looks for this very world. Reaching into the sky, its searchlight looks out for a place that doesn’t exist, whilst destroying the only thing we humans currently do have: a life on this planet.

Directly below the skyscrapers, The Alpha Forest – a habitat of rampant materialist individualism of a million voices all trying to be heard like a million trees all vying for sunlight – blocks out any alternative, making the citizens willfully accept that “this is the only way”. Below The Alpha forest, the consequences of this all-consuming system become more and more tragic, until we finally find the doom-laden waves which carry the Easter Island heads, reminding us of the tragedies that befell their island when its inhabitants outstripped the island’s resources, resulting in conflict and a deserted island. Are we recreating the Easter Island Catastrophe but on a global scale?