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Hope of The Nihilized

Hope of The Nihilized (2016, mixed media on paper, 90X125cm)


This will probably be the last major piece of work I finish in 2016. The drawing attempts to look at the debased spirit of our times. If I were to give such a time a name I’d called it The Zeitgeist of Disbelief.

However, partly due to the sheer willing for a change of heart, for the sake of my and everyone else’s mental health, the piece is one of dark optimism. 21st century cyberspace technology has allowed the capitalist logic to creep into almost every moment of our lives. I believe it corrodes our spirit on a daily basis, leaving us ‘nihilized’ and unable to do anything but pursue dead end pleasures. There has been a severe epidemic of loneliness brought on by these technologies, on a scale never before imagined, never mind witnessed.

Yet these technologies also give us access to an unprecedented awareness about what is happening around the globe, potentially creating an intellectual body unrivalled throughout history. Although the information is often skewed, only consumed in sound-bite form due to the ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out’) effect of a society based on scarcity principles, there still now exists an awareness not only of of global injustices, (things we’d been led to believe were 20 century nightmares), but also an awareness of the fact that most others are suffering in solitude on a nightly basis just like ourselves.

Or so I hope. This piece speculates that although capitalism seems to have made a dead end out of humanity, it is capitalism that will inevitably have to end, hopefully leaving some tools to rebuild from the crushed spirit of the present.





‘Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle’

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle is a no holds barred, explosive feature length documentary exploring the decline and deception behind the social housing crisis in Britain. It will be directed by Paul Sng, maker of the acclaimed cinema release Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain (2015) and the award winning film & television director Lee Skelly (BBC, Channel Four).

I have donated an original print of a new work I have made after filmmaker Paul Sng asked me if I’d like to be involved in helping support the crowdfunder for this project.  This will be an A3 print of my latest work Rot_in_Silence_2016.



I am also donating a print of a drawing I did almost one year ago, in the wake of the Tory general election victory, as part of a perk for the crowdfunder that includes a selection of postcards featuring different artists supporting the project. The drawing in question is possibly one of my most pivotal to what I’ve been working on during the past year.

As part of a collective, I have embarked on a Crowdfunder project myself, in order to raise funds for an art show and documentary called ‘Fighting For Crumbs (Art in The Shadow of Neoliberal Britain) (Please read more about it here). Very much inspired and informed by Paul Sng’s last film ‘Invisible Britain’, Paul has been very supportive in helping our project get off the ground.

Thanks: John


NoteToSelf (2016)

NoteToSelf (2016, A4, ink on paper)


A Privatised Implosion (2014)

A Privatised Implosion, A4, ink on paper

 A Privatised Implosion (2014)

Needing to find a way to soften the Barriers that prevent so much.

11.08.2009 (2)

Writing about myself, yet again, brings to mind ‘Internet exhibitionism’, coaxed out of us by Social networking sites, trying to get us to live out our lives like the constantly monitored celebrities  such as the likes of Jordan (uurggh) and the ‘guinea pigs’ on the reality shows. So, I will have to back this blog up with a strong (as strong as I can do) attack on the bastard celebrity culture of late capitalism, and what it’s done to all our own mental make-ups. However, for this message I have to delve into myself. I have to explain these workings, because they are running me into the ground – and this is no good.

I was hoping to let my hair down now, after a year in which I have put most of my time and energy into making my biggest art ideas to date. I am not a massive fan of what the festive period has become, but it does create a lot of good chances to meet up with people – something that is essential for me.

I place so much expectation and hope on situations where I will be seeing friends and associate friends, but it is almost all but proven that I make such a mess of these occasions, and I end up hiding away for some time again, and my life – the social side of my life – goes nowhere.

I tear myself to bits whilst in the company of other people; a mixture of discomfort and dissatisfaction, trying to make a break for a cure, which results in a messy attempt to receive instant gratification, but – on a closer look – is only for the purpose of my parasitic routine behavioural patterns. This side of me, the side which jolts out of me in social situations, conflicts with the non-social, and more true me, which desires to be meek, understanding and good. This conflict causes guilt and paranoia; this is the crazy self, that acts itself out when in the company of others.

The more people I know, who are in the room, the worse all of this is. Physically, I am not as bad as I used to be; this mixture of discomfort and desire doesn’t make me do physically daft things like climbing up drainpipes or diving about in pubs, as it used to. Now it is a verbal mania; ranting at people about ‘ME, ME ,ME’.

The thing is, the more time one spends on not trying focus on the ‘me me’ all the time, the more inevitable it is that ‘me me’ is only thing left in ones minds to talk about; couple this with a confidence problem and one create a self-perpetuating dislike for themselves, and this even starts to perpetuate one’s faults which were initially only there, on this scale, in one’s mind – exaggerated by paranoia.

The main problem with paranoia is that one can never tell how much of it is their heads and how much of it is real. There is something severely damaged and cocked up with the social side of me, and I’m sure this is apparent to all – even though people keep saying I’m a nice person? Am I?. Does the fear of being the next Hitler, or any other lunatic tyrant, bubble up in all extremely discontent individuals, especially when they show signs of it in public places, snarling, fist clenching in room corners??

I am a deeply frustrated individual, and I am frustrated about my frustrated state. Because I look at my piers – when in my remaining interactions with them – and they seem to be, more or less, OK, Calm, Cool in ‘going out’ situations. They don’t need to be constantly ‘bobbing up and down’, jumping from pub to pub, person to person, in search of some elusive cure to their discontent – I do!

The result is’ they are getting on with their lives, so what if it is in a more orthodox manner, than that I proclaim is my chosen root, because what they have, is something I still wish for, somewhere amongst this tangle up mess of feelings and messed up notions of ‘how to be’ in the World.

Of course, just because I am am extreme person, it doesn’t mean I am a ‘Evil’ person, or even a fundamentally ‘bad’ person. However, this ‘persona hypochondria’ fear remains; and, from time to time, informs me that I am ‘a bad person’ or an ‘cold, heartless person’; Be it through my egotistical artist ambitions, my extreme rantings, or my severe frustration, which – through the aid of cinema and television – are personality traits closely associated the likes of Fascist leaders.

As much as this fear troubles me, I know I would never become such a person. However, I could become an extremist and extremely socially repellent person – ranting away in pubs and on buses. I hope this doesn’t become my future, because there still is some room to bring back the real human in me (sorry I’m going to have to bring climate change into my rants again) but it is fast being squeezed out by my unceasing, and unwanted, focus on the seriousness of our (humankind’s) situation upon the earth in the 21st century.

I do not want to be sucked into the whirlpool which makes me an extremist ranter, but Ive too many barriers accompanied by hang ups to let another human being into my life. You see, I’m only frustrated and angry, when my inhibitions are down – when I’m either drunk or very tired. This is obvious really: these are the points when the barriers, Ive put up around me – ‘my routine’ of which art and the quest for information have turned out to be the bastard rulers of – are at their most ‘flimsy’.

The last few nights out I have been becoming much more frustrated than usual – barring one night, when a group of females, seemingly ‘happy with life’ were spending their evening talking to me and mt friend (a rarity, but a good rarity)- and I have been storming off out of bars for no apparent reason, smashing my phone up, punching walls; all the hallmarks of my, presumed lost, idiot side, on view to the world.

27.05.2009Thankfully, my anger is always directed Inwards – this isn’t good either, but at least I don’t aim it at others, hopefully never will. You see, even when I’m in this kind of state, there is still a strong rationality speaking within me, but the frustration and self hatred are, at this point, too hard to keep at bay. Self hatred is apparent when one no longer wants, but actually feels compelled to attack and hurt their own flesh with whatever object is nearest.

I never felt it voyeuristic or have been too shy, to explain my disorders and self hate, because I am almost completely convinced that they are merely symptoms of the larger collective human condition due to living in an industrialised society, and especially an advanced consumer capitalist one. No system could has isolated the individual as much as consumer capitalism, no system has separated us from our true understanding ourselves, and of our surrounding environment, as much as consumer capitalism.

Symptoms can act themselves out, in the form graffiti and vandalism – making one’s mark in a world they feel like ‘nothings’ in – or, equally, they can be acted out in self-despising, self harm or suicide, due to a loss of happiness and place, and with no firm idea of why. self harm, can be a symbolic act, to make others aware of the fact, that ‘I am here, and I am feeling pain’.

Returning to the faults in my attempts to socialise on recent nights out: It is very apparent how Politicized I have become over the past year and a bit. However, this cannot be helped as, as I always say, I believe that living in this consumer capitalist society as caused me considerable mental damage and, in turn, likely future physical problems. I hate this system intensely, and I have good reason to, bearing in mind on how I feel it has made a ‘cripple’ of the man I could have been, and I am not talking about ‘having a better career’ or ‘being more a man’s man’. I am talking about being not mentally constructed well enough so to have ‘happiness, ‘good health’ and even a girlfriend.

I am naturally not suited to this system, because it likes ‘suckers’ like me too much. In fact it liked me so much, it has given me my own ‘boom and bust’ personality! so I too can be constantly up and down like a roller coaster, only to suddenly lapse into a depression. Nevertheless, I try telling people all this, and I end up hating myself even more and escalating this whole issue of paranoia and self dislike.

I claim to myself that I just want people to like me, but in the company of others, in reality, it becomes ‘untrue’; my ‘Consumerist’ implanted personality is intent on making others see me as “a genius!” or “a great person!” and then, when nobody is around again, I just want to be simply ‘liked’ again and I want that company back, and then when that company comes again, I become all “me, me, me!” again (that nutter) and then my self hatred grows again, I spend a few days in the doldrums again, then I pull myself out of it again, by getting into my ‘routines’ and starting this crappy process off again!.

I CAN’T GET OUT! I never wanted this! These barriers, there’s compulsively made art works, these searchings for greater knowledge, I wish they’d go away now; I just want to have a go at being a human being now.


Because my barriers don;t let much emotion in, except the emotion of fear, other emotions take a while to be ‘confirmed’ as safe to enter, and they slowing seep in. This is one part of the reason why I cannot let anybody in who appears to quite like me, until it is too late, and the opportunity is missed.

The thing is, these emotions, once they get inside, stay there for a long time, and I find myself still yearning for those certain people, well after the opportunity (I prefer the term ‘situation’)has passed in normal human relationship time.
I’ve no doubt that these people couldn’t care less anymore, but because my tight mental barriers incubate these emotions, I’m more likely to be still thinking/dreaming of these, now long gone, relationship chances, (I’m doing this now!, all the time, adding emphasis to everything I do, but this is besides my point) whilst missing new opportunities (if they come along) now, as my fears block the openings, and then, obviously, the ‘new’ opportunity manages to penetrate the barriers, and also begins to incubated, whilst, yet again, the real chance has long gone away.

This goes some way to explaining why I was so frustrated on these recent ‘night out’ occasions; as on two of the occasions, 2 of the girls who Ive got bits of incubated emotion still foolishly residing behind these barriers, were out too.
I was very drunk both times, so my barriers were weaker than they probably have been ofr a while, and I couldn’t get into conversations with them – mainly because they were talking to different people, weren’t generally interested in talking to me, because they’ve naturally moved on long ago, like emotional normal people do – and anyway (though this may be my Paranoia talking) they probably were all too aware of what a ‘reckless’ socialiser I had been, and were wisely keeping their distance.


So, I got frustrated and self hating, because – as I have said – I’ve still enough logic to realise that these my own faults, no one else’s, and so I stormed out and, on one occasion, started punching walls until I had noticeable blood stains on my hands. I’m sure I do this, to make a visible symbol of the ‘screwed-up-ness’ of my mind.

This is my paranoia talking again “I’m just worried that I may have been staring at them and other people, and acting in other weird ways. These kind of weirdos are the ones which society really does hate!!”

As far as I can see, I really am in a situation where things will only deteriorate, not get better, but Ive always found the paths to the accumulation of more problems easier to follow, than the ones out of these barriers – in fact, Ive never even seen one of these paths.

I have put more of my time and energy into this year, 2009, than in any other year, but it was all for the aide of my artwork. There for, at this moment, I despise all this work, because It has me, but I have nothing.

08.07.2009 (3)

I realised today that whilst one is in the company of others, for a period of time, their minds become less devoted to finding self-awareness and reasoning within the surrounding environment, and more devoted to being a coherent and acceptable member of that certain group of people. This isn’t a bad thing as I spend way too much time alone. However, I probably wouldn’t be aware of the changes in my mind whilst socialising, If I spent most of my time socialising, and my mind may not function exactly like it had been doing of late. Nevertheless, without socialising, one becomes as dead as a flower is without sunlight.

When I left my friends today, I sensed a feeling, a more easy going nature to me, which is a good thing, reason tells me so!. Irrationality tells me otherwise. My personal CCTV john camera was monitoring me as I walked to the bus stop, accompanied by the words in my head “consumer kid” as I analysed the logo on my t-shirt (all be it my own logo!) and my Walkman in my hand.

The irrationality tries to force me to become more serious again, more acute and cynical, as if a smile would ruin all I have worked for. I did what it told me to, and I went home and had a miserable and lonely night.