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Image featured in publication for ‘In The City’ project

The Image Dead Dreams from my video-piece the Mary Celeste Project (The Scene of The Crash) will feature in the In The City limited edition publication


The publication is part of the In The City Project, hosted by Hanover Project at the University of Central Lancashire

Conference: Harris Building Room 155, Friday 21/11/14, 10:30am – 3pm
Exhibition Preview: Friday 21/11/14, 3 – 5pm
Exhibition Open: 20/11/14 – 10/12/14, Weekdays 10 – 5pm

The purpose of this exhibition is to explore perceptions of the city on a global scale. Artists are
invited to reflect current cultural, social and political subjects through engagements with the built
environment in which they live and / or work. The exhibition is the result of an open call for
submissions, and works have been received from artists working in Ireland, Sweden, UK, Portugal,
Lithuania, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, USA, Austria, Israel, Romania, Germany, and Qatar. A
conference will take place alongside the exhibition at Hanover Project, where speakers will present
themes central to the exhibition concept.

Travelling is an odd experience in the 21st Century. As one steps off a plane and heads towards a
city, one is confronted with a familiar scene. There are a few relics from a distant culture, a few
touristy spots for the ‘selfies’. But increasingly present are the generic office tower blocks and
shopping malls – McDonalds, H&M, Lidl – the same lattes, fashion trends and boutiques. In cities
such as Berlin, you cannot ignore the word gentrification as old buildings and autonomous
establishments disappear to make way for more shopping malls, flash apartments and expensive

Globally, urbanity is changing radically. In the UK, traditional and historic markets are being turned into expensive artisan trade fairs and unique independent shops are being replaced with generic chain stores. The city is increasingly a playground for the wealthy, yet economically the West inparticular is in global financial turmoil. As late capitalism persists and growth continues beyond its means, individuals are increasingly suffering through job and service cuts alongside an increase in living costs.

All of these issues are imprinted onto the city through increasing evidence of affluence and
depravity, and in the signage, buildings, bureaucracy, people, history, moments and actions that
surround us. In this exhibition, works will collectively capture the impact of globalization as
reoccurring themes are unearthed, whilst providing engaging dialogues between differing


Hanover Project, c/o Victoria Lucas, Hanover Building, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, PR1 2HE

In The City….

The completed ‘In The City…’ piece, and beginning my new work ‘Who Would Want To Listen To This?’IMG_6715 IMG_6714

The Sprawl – exhibition at Hive Gallery, Elsecar, South Yorkshire

The Sprawl

Drawings based on the land of people

This exhibition is a ‘installationalised’ selection of drawings covering the social landscape; the urbanization and takeover of the natural land and the methods of control over its inhabitants. The centerpiece is The Sprawl, an expansive paper drawing; incorporated around the shape of half of my bedroom (hence the unusual shape) colonizing all workable surfaces in the manner of a expanding city. An expression of a how the city becomes one giant super organism, although separate and hazardous towards Earths working life systems. All the inhabitants, their cars and trains are like the blood running through the veins keeping the city alive.

The Sprawl

The Sprawl (1697x2400) IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3914 IMG_3902f


  Waking Up (Part of The Sprawl installation)

IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3496 IMG_34977

Central Bombardment

Central Bombardment (2009) - biro on paper


People Factory

people factory (close up 1)

Three Tiers of a Sinking Ship

three tiers of a sinkings ship (2000x1412)