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BOOM by the Northern young artists

‘Northern Young Artists present ‘Boom!’ their first group exhibition previously seen at the Coterie Gallery, Sheffield. The exhibition consists of an eclectic range of contemporary art from 8 artists; new drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, digital work and installation will all be on show at the Oriental Cafe from 25th – 27 November. Northern Young Artists are a group of emerging contemporary artists working together to support each other through dialogue and collaboration. Artists exhibiting in this exhibition are Sophie Littlewood, John Ledger, Fiona Helen Halliday, Joanne Kilner, Sam Hardacre, Joanne Kilner, Sadie Mansell, Christabel Mitchell and Clinton Kirkpatrick.’

I will be showing these works:

Global Pillage

Global Pillage-John_Ledger_0

The Hole in My Stomach is Making The Hole in The Sky