I am John B Ledger, a visual artist, from South/West Yorkshire. Having spent a decade aimlessly meandering and longing for an holiday from ‘capitalist realism‘, I’d call myself a ‘punchdrunk idealist’; through the depressive often regrettable everyday doings, there remains a persistent fidelity to a world better than this one.

I am currently undertaking a part time Masters in Fine Art. Having made work, primarily based around large scale drawings, for 10 years since my graduation, I am using this Masters course to really work on the true goals of a punchdrunk idealist; how can my work help battle this shared depressive horizon, help towards consciousness raising, and demand a world based around priorities of collective care?

As part of the artist collective The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe, these are some of our primary concerns, both in a discussions around projects and discussions for the sake of thinking out loud. 10 years ago, I would have been reluctant to work in a collective structure; unravelling the reasons why as brought me towards a questioning of ‘the neoliberalism within myself’, and an attempted exorcism of the neoliberalism within myself is a crucial task within these forthcoming projects.

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Solo/Joint Exhibitions:

2016 ‘Under Digital Rain‘ (Curated by John Wright), The Bowery, Headingley, Leeds
2015 ‘Voices From The Wilderness‘ (with John Wilkinson), Gage Gallery, KIAC, Sheffield
2014 ‘Five Years Drowning‘, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield
2014 ‘Just The Noise…’ , Kelham Island Art Collective/Gage Gallery, Sheffield
2012 John Ledger and Lee Gasgoyne, Heartbeat Gallery, Orchard Centre, Sheffield
2011 ‘Ill-Equipped‘ Access Space, Sheffield
2010 ‘The Tide of Society‘ 433 Gallery, Sheffield
2010 ‘Humans in Cages‘ @ Underneath Leeds Station (unauthorised), Leeds
2009 ‘Truth and Tribute‘ (with artist Bradley Sharp) Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley
2009 ‘The Sprawl: drawings based on the land of people‘ Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley
2008 ‘Humans in Cages’ @ Wakefield Kirkgate railway station (unauthorised), Wakefield
2008 ‘Humans in Cages‘ @ High Hoyland Hill top (unauthorised), Yorkshire


Group Exhibitions:

2018: The Public Secret, The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe, Skippko arts organisation, Whitehall Road, Leeds, Yorks

2018: VOID_SETUP () {, Ma Fine art summer Show, University of Leeds, Yorks

2018:  #GE18 – The General Election of Governing Emotions, The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe, Leeds Print Workshop and the Art Hostel, Leeds.

2018: [Dis] Junction, work-in-progress exhibition, Ma Fine group show, University of Leeds, West Yorks

2017: Will The Last Person to Leave The 20th Century Please Turn out The Lights?, The Little Blue Orange Tree, Skippko Arts organisation, Baildon, West Yorks

2017: The International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair, The Tetley, Leeds.
2016,’Fighting For Crumbs, at The World Transformed, Liverpool
2016 ‘Fighting For Crumbs (Art in The Shadow of Neoliberal Britain), Gage Gallery, Sheffield + The Redshed, Wakefield
2016 ‘Somewhere Else’, Somewhere Else Cafe, Sheffield
2016, ‘Soul Searching‘ Dewsbury Museum, West Yorkshire
2015 ‘Strange Bedfellows‘ Barnsley
2015 ‘Bells From The Deep‘ The Hundred Years Gallery, London
2015 ‘Non-stop Inertia’, Left Bank, Leeds
2015 Electric Picture House Open, The Electric Picture House, Congleton, Cheshire
2015 The Anti Gallery Project. Degrees of Freedom. Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London
2014 Now in Reverse, The Hundred years Gallery, London
2014, Unity Works, launch exhibition, Westgate, Wakefield
2014 Electric Picture House Open, The Electric Picture House, Congleton, Cheshire
2014 Our Corner: Art as political Expression, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
2013 An Unofficial Alumni, Redbrook Studios & Exhibition Space, Barnsley
2012 The Redshed, as part of Wakefied Lit Fest, Sept 2012, Wakefield
2012 Here There Everywhere (Part 2 – Sheffield), West Street, Sheffield
2012 Borderline Ballardian, Creative Arts Developlment Space (CADS), Sheffield
2012 Left In Vision, Marxism 2012, University College London
2012 ‘New International Art Exhibition, Treadwell Gallery, Kirchengasse 4, 4160 Aigen, Austria
2011 ‘P A N D E M I C – Sheffield’
2011 ‘Globalsapiens’: An Introduction, Creative Arts Development Space (CADS), Sheffield
2011 ‘Making a Mark’ Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley
2010 ‘Regenerate’ Creative Arts Development Space (CADS), Sheffield
2010 ‘Unquiet Desperation’, Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield
2010 ‘A Silent Conversation’. Holme Valley Warehouse, Honley, Huddersfield
2010 ‘The Working Artist’, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
2010 ‘Black Gold’ Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley
2009 ‘Tunnel vision to Copenhagen‘, George Yard, Barnsley
2009 ‘Three’ the Old Sweet Shop, Sheffield
2009 ‘Boom!’ The Coterie Gallery, Sheffield; The Oriental Café, Wakefield (Touring show)
2009 ‘Emergence’, Barnsley
2009 ‘Beermat Show’, Temporary Art Space, Halifax
2008 ‘Contrast’ Hive gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre
2008 ‘South Yorkshire open’ Cooper Gallery, Barnsley
2007 Undergradute Interdisciplinary degree show, University of Huddersfield



2017: The Retro Bar at The End of The Universe. D.S Jarvis, and John Ledger. Edited by John Wright
2016 – Culture Matters
2016: Prisoners of Reason: Game Theory and Neoliberal Political Economy, S.M.Amadae
2015: Art Saves Lives International
2015: Stories From Forgotten Space
2014: Little Performance (online magazine)
2014: In The City, published by Victoria Lucas, in collaboration with the Hanover Project
2014: Let The Lyrics Talk
2014: Inner-Workings 2: Blog-writings To Accompany Exhibitions (March 2012 – March 2014)
2014: A Walk Down The Hallam Line: A Personal Account of The West Riding of Yorkshire
2014: Rebuilding The Flattened
2013: West Riding of Yorkshire: A Pyschogeographical Account
Now Then Magazine, May 2013
2012: Inner-Workings (Writings and Rough Sketches to Accompany Exhibitions)
2011: New Internationalist Diary/Planner
2010: The Tide of Society
2010: Going Nowhere, Writing Letters To Nobody
2010: Art Not Oil Diary/Planner

2008 South Yorkshire Young Artist of the year, Cooper Art Gallery, South Yorkshire
2007 The William Northam award for outstanding contribution, from The University of Huddersfield


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