Upcoming exhibition: A eulogy for a ‘lost’ decade.

A eulogy for a ‘lost’ decade. The New Fringe, Doncaster. 11th January 2020.


Hope of The Nihilized (2016)

Through a series of carefully chosen works produced over the past ten years by the artist John Ledger, we are asked to reflect on the decade we have just passed through

What was it? Did it even occur? Do I even recall? Was I really living?

Over the past ten years John Ledger’s work has largely taken the form of large-scale drawings, that through their merging of ecological, social, personal distress, shout out for an exit.

But an exit from what?

Maybe some answer lies in the central feature in ‘A eulogy for a ‘lost’ decade’, as we get a chance to see a screening of John’s most recent project, a film about the life of the ‘millennial’ ‘Wall, i’, as he comes of age in a post-industrial world.


‘Wall, i’ brings it all home, the ‘too close to home’. Scripted to pop songs, that enframe his emotional states like the alienating tendencies of contemporary life, we observe just one coming-of-age in a new age of individualism and new technologies.

In a life trapped in an identity of loneliness, purposelessness, and failed expectations, there is a consequential spiral into self-medication, self hatred and hatred towards others. ‘Wall, i’ becomes a car-crash life, from where there is ultimately only a plea for forgiveness, to be given another chance.

For we are ultimately asked to meditate on how we look after ourselves in the coming decade. A new start based on self-empathy, thus empathy for others, maybe?. The starting point for a new decade, despite all odds stacked against so many, others more than others.

Above and beyond there is a desire to live.

The exhibition opens Saturday 11th January 2020 at 5pm, with screening 1 of ‘Wall, i’ held at 6pm.

The second opening is Saturday 18th January, with screening 2 also at 6pm.

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