Songs For My Punchdrunk Idealism

Life under late capitalism is essentially one of managing the nihilizing comedowns that guide you towards dead-end pleasure seeking as the sun goes down. That’s if you can’t/ won’t/don’t know how to (delete as applicable) buy into a lifestyle bubble, and have no buffer from the pain of the vacuum that it allows the wealth of life to rive and tear in agony within.

The working day is now so seamlessly wrapped up with leisure time, that pockets of contemplation about what lies beyond the here and now are often nowhere to be seen.

But they do exist.

I have a selection of songs that I’ve been listening to for over a decade now, the raise my Utopianist impulses out of the mud, and prop them up in defiance. They are songs that speak about the world, the people, a lost communist ideal. At least, they do for me.




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