5 Years Ago…

John Ledger - The Index For Child Wellbeing

Five years ago I had recently attended the anti-austerity protest. From this point on-wards until November of the same year I felt that some imminent upheaval was afoot. I was as scared of a seismic transformation of life as much as a was gripped by a need for it.

From the early spring to early summer of 2011, I was working on The Index For Child Well-being. In-between a seeming collective political awaking, especially among younger people, and the UK riots at the tail end of the summer. Never before in my life did I feel that some upheaval, whether productive (in getting us out this neoliberal quagmire) or destructive, (for example, in civil war), was around the corner. I remember completing this work, caught within both a sense of anxiety and haste. The drawing’s title was taking from the book, ‘The Spirit Level’, a book that more-or-less proved that deep inequalities within a society are destructive for almost everybody in it. In it evidence gathered revealed the UK had the lowest level of Child Well-being in all so-called developed countries……………….

close up the index

The Eversince has felt more and more like a ‘Time-blob’, no definable framework to it all, craving for more clarity than the occasional glass of water in face moment when we we’re face to face with the deteriorating state of things in this stage of capitalism based on. Things are clearly changing around us, but somehow it doesn’t seem real.

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