Works in ‘Soul Searhing’ exhibition, Dewsbury

Although Dewsbury has always been a nearby town, the exhibition I was part of allowed me to discover parts to it I hadn’t seen before, as I climbed up the hill from the train station up to Crow Nest Park. I got a view that stretched back over to Woolley Edge, reminding me of the strangeness in how the industrial towns of West/South Yorks fold into different valleys from where transport connections and communication are almost non-existent in relation to their general proximity.

The exhibition is called Soul Searching and is…

An exhibition of mental health related artwork, on display in the 2nd floor galleries at Dewsbury Museum throughout the first quarter of the year.

The exhibition has been curated by Mark Milnes, of Creative Arts Hub. From a large number of submissions received via curatorspace and by email, we have selected a wide range of approaches to the subject. Work has come in from across the country; and we also have artwork from Canada (Emei Ma,, and from Austria (Klaus Pinter).

The work is broad in scope, some of it exploring the dark recesses of the mind; others focusing on the transformative power of art, used as a means to overcome mental health problems. Featuring work from individual practitioners, and from organisations – including Women Centre Kirklees and Calderdale, Hoot Creative Arts & Glenside Hospital Museum (Bristol), the exhibition offers a serious exploration of a challenging subject which visitors will find to be raw and thought -provoking, and equally positive and energising.






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2 responses to “Works in ‘Soul Searhing’ exhibition, Dewsbury”

  1. John Ledger says :

    Hi Janet. Thanks for the comments. Yes, I am able to sell prints of this piece. Do you have an idea of the size you’d be interested in?



  2. Janet Bruce says :

    Visited today. Love your work. Do you sell print? I really like the large piece in ballpoint. Looked at it for ages.

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