Reflections of 2015 works so far

After doing a couple of exhibitions, and with it being the beginnings of autumn, before the assault of Christmas, I felt it appropriate to reflect on the works I’ve made in the 2015 so far.  For whatever reason, I have always been obsessed with dates, and the passing of time, so I’m always looking at what I’ve done during a year. Some of the works I have made this year have been on a smaller scale to what I am used to working on, but I’m wondering if this is helping my work to be more succinct, in an age when most exposure is sought amidst the endless noise of social media sites. Here is a link to less visually instantaneous works, my book ‘Stories from Forgotten Space’, and the continuation of this project on my blog. So here they are from the first to the most recent.

Not Humanly Possible (A4, ink on paper)

Not Humanly Possible

A Cognitive Austerity (A4, ink on paper)

A Cognitive Austerity (2015)

Five MORE Years… (A4, ink on paper)

Five MORE Years... (2015)

THE LONG NIGHT OF A NEEDLESS STORM (90x115CM, mixed media on paper)

The Long Night of a Needless Storm

Close up 1

“Hard Working Taxpayers, inconvenienced” (A4, ink on paper)


Pain is Barred an Outlet (a4, ink on paper)


Everybody’s Fracking (95X130cm, mixed media on paper)

Everybody's Fracking


“Sad, LONELY, Frightened” (ink on paper, A4)

Sad, LONELY, Frightened 001

The Self [ie] Under Siege (A4, mixed media on paper)

IMG2_0001 (2057x3000)

“Can We Stop Now, Please?” (a4, mixed media on paper)


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