Short Reflections on ‘Noises From The Wilderness’

Thanks a lot to SW1-Hunter, Gav Roberts, Liz Ferrets and Kevin Titterton for playing at our exhibition last night. I’m not one for overstating things, but the atmosphere there last night was truly something special, with the sounds/words and paintings/drawings all playing off one another. There were certain points in the poet’s’ most pleading moments against the unnecessary destruction being dealt out in the world today, when there words seem to run on the compositions of my and John Wilkinson’s landscapes. SW1 Hunter, as always (in his many different acts I’ve seen over the years) was amazing, and seemed to be perfectly located in the room behind the specific works dealing most with the noise of life within the cyberspacial frenzy of these out of joint times – as, for me, in this performance it seemed to somehow mimic the infinite chatterings of this age, if those chatterings were to be emptied of their content into one body of noise. My only regret is that I didn’t manage to get photographs of all the performances, for which I apologise.

But here are links to all performers involved last night.

Gav Roberts


Liz Ferrets

Kevin Titterton (sorry, I can’t find a link to his work, but here’s a link to an event he’s performing at next week)

P1040219 P1040236 P1040235 P1040231 P1040230

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