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Voices From The Wilderness


South and West Yorkshire artists John Wilkinson and John Ledger are staging a joint exhibition themed around the impact of deindustrialisation on the North. The exhibition features paintings, large scale biro art and video installation and will include an evening of music/performance and poetry featuring Sheffield poets Kevin Titterton and Liz Ferrets, and freeform impro/experimental group Piggle, to add words and music to the dialogue. The exhibition is in Sheffield’s gage gallery, appropriately located in the industrial hinterland of Shalesmoor.   

Both artists have been working and exhibiting for a number of years, with solo shows in Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Congleton and Northwich. Working to similar themes, both artists create spaces that draw the viewer in; these are landscapes that can be wandered through, with hidden corners, nooks and crannies to explore and investigate. What results is a darkly vibrant and often colourful response to the social and physical landscape that has emerged as the region tries to reshape itself following the decline of its industrial base. These works place us firmly in a landscape torn apart, and examine the options that are presented to try and fill the hole that has been left in both our communities and, consequently, in our atomised, and increasingly ‘Iphone-dependent’ lives. Created landscapes based on the history of the deindustrialising north draw attention to the human tendency to destroy in order to create. Works drawn from and examining the roles of media, both social and imposed, explore our emotional response to the issues of a global community in crisis. Collectively these ask the question: Are we ghosts trapped in a machine of our own making? The works are designed to evoke a recognition of and stimulate a personal appraisal of our place in this landscape, at an emotional, social and physical level. Dark as they may be, the works ask for a sense of defiance; a refusal to give in to apathy and fatalism; two factors that drive this arguably zombie-set of ideas of how the world should be organised.  

Voices From The Wilderness opens on Friday 18th Sept 2015 at 6.30pm with a preview evening and runs from 11am – 4pm every day until 4pm 1st Oct. The music/performance and poetry event will start at 7pm on the 25th Sept and once again all are welcome. Access to the exhibition and both events is free and all are welcome to attend. The show is held at Gage gallery, KIAC, Lion Works, 40 Ball St, Sheffield S3 8DB.  

Examples of works:

11828590_1635404336732292_3559717409857133682_n“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” (John Wilkinson)



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