4 responses to ““Sad, LONELY, Frightened””

  1. leegascoyne says :

    I am imagining the smaller works becoming more important over time…like little satellites or ‘bugs’…a type of bacteria spreading like spores from the larger works. Good hear you are about to finish a new larger piece of art. I look forward to seeing it. I’m going ‘ok’ thanks John. I know that I don’t have to put on any ‘aires and graces’ with you, as in ‘oh yeah things are going really well and I have loads of ideas that are coming together in the most magnificently profound way’…this is not the case and I wouldn’t want it to! Anyway, yes I’m ticking over ok at the moment. I’m working on a piece that is a collaboration and also nurturing my way of working in the studio.

  2. Humans in Cages says :

    For some ideas yeah. But it’s take me a while to build up a working-method on A4 that I’m confident with. Although I am close to finishing one the really large pieces again, which I may have to ask Rich T to frame for me again, if he is up for it. How are you?

  3. leegascoyne says :

    Do you find working at A4 scale more immediate?

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