Photographs of my work taken by Rory Garforth

Very grateful to friend and photographer Rory Garforth for taking some really good quality photographs today. He also took some photographs of me with my works, perhaps the only kind of photograph I’m comfortable with (protected by the shield of my body of artwork, which I do, to some extent, see as my arsenal). Rory currently has an exhibition at Civic Barnsley

Here are a few of the photographs:

the hole in my stomach is making the hole in the sky (1015x1280)

john1 (1280x854) Planets mental illness_close 10 (1280x854)

john3 (854x1280)

Progress... (819x1280)

John5 (1280x1024)  Place of deads ends_close (854x1280)

Planets mental illness_close 9 (1280x854)

John 1 (834x1280)

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2 responses to “Photographs of my work taken by Rory Garforth”

  1. Mark Armstrong says :

    Arresting images, great photos! : )

  2. Fiona Halliday says :

    These look great!

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