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2013 Artworks

The Place of Dead Ends, mixed media on paper, 100X125cm

The Place of Dead Ends (2013)the (3)

The West Riding of Yorkshire: A Psychogeographical Account, video-work


Untitled, A4, Ink on paper

July 2013

A Psychic Timebomb, A4, mixed media on paper

A Psychic Timebomb (2013)

Mind Camp, 100x155cm, mixed media on paper

Mind Camp for prints (2061x3000)

Mind Camp (3435x5000) (2)

The West Riding of Yorkshire: A Psychogeographical Account (part 2), installation



Disintegration, A4, mixed media on paper


The Sk[ull] Is Falling in, A4, mixed media on paper

The Sk[ull] is falling in

Long Stares That Never Reach Anywhere.

reposted from January 2013

John Ledger

A past returning to haunt and all roads forward blocked

I am sat staring down a hillside, sat where I often sat when I worked here for 5 years, with my mp3, on shuffle function, playing out sounds from my last 10 years of accumulated music, staring as if looking for something in the manner in which I have so for as long as I can remember.

After trying to make a change in my life only to have it fire me backwards as if there was an elastic band tying me to something, I find myself one year off 30 and on the same ring-road lacking exits as I have been on since  the fading days of naive and sentimental youth-hood.

I’m sure it would be a mistake to wish myself into a relationship, my own family unit, and a joint-bank account, but what I have is no kind of existence to wish to take to the end of…

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End of Year Haunting














Accompanying sound….
Stolen Dog – Burial
Steel Your Girl – Neon Neon

Street Halo – Burial
Ruby Tuesday – Franco Battiatio
With Every Heartbeat (at Ghosts of My Life tempo) –  Robyn with Kleerup

Nae Hair On’t – The Bluetones

Seconds – The Human League

Shadowplay (live in Manchester) – Joy Division

C.R.E.A.M – The Wu-Tang Clan

Dislocation – John Foxx

The Sk[ull] is Falling In

The Sk[ull] is falling in, A4, mixed media on paper The Sk[ull] is Falling In