Far right/nationalist fly-posting around Darton area


Why pick the Darton area when documenting such a worrying trend that is more than certain happening up and down the country (a growing proportion of disaffected citizens lurching to far-right politics to try to find solutions to their anxieties and woes) ? Because the Darton area is an area that will always register as ‘home’ to me; the hills, roads, trees, houses, are the place in which I am psychologically-lodged, and from which I look out at the rest of the world (even when I don’t happen to be living there/even if it is one-day vaporised in some Emmerdale-esq plane crash). If the idea of a sense of a feeling of common-ownership is legitimate, then I feel have a stake in this place/a voice, even if unheard.

Image(A poster trying to associate New Labour with Islam – with the obvious intention of attempting to blame New Labour’s Multiculturalism agenda with some scaremongering idea that because of this Britain is now a place filled with Islamic extremists. Generally, a load of bollocks, but still a bullocks-sentiment one can hear people often repeating as truth)

Nothing makes me feel more alienated from the place I am from than intolerant, nationalistic sentiments. On a larger scale I have never associated myself or the area where I have been raised with a flag – the area just IS. In fact the values that are commonly held up as being ‘English/British values’ as an intolerant attack on perceived threats from other cultures are values that I would class as the values of misery/all the things I really deplore about the Island I have been raised on, that subject future generations to further existential frustration. There is reason to suggest far-right sentiment may flourish in this area, due to the BNP seeing this area as one where they could raise support. And these posters do make my blood boil.

But it’s not the Darton area I have seen from eyes as I have grown up in it. The landscape speaks to me of the thoughts and feelings it helped foster in me of a better world; ones I used to day-dream of as a youngster; ones I find incredibly hard to imagine these days, as my ability to picture a future worth enduring becomes continually narrowed. But I will still do my best to rip these posters down, or deface them, because it is not the Darton (or small Island off the European mainland) I want; and in my clumsy and often cowardly way, hoping that what will always be classed as home could one day feel like home for my thoughts of a better, more tolerant, less minority-alienating place (which I am sure many people within this area do still want)

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