Do we have the ability to be in touch with out emotional reactions whilst we scroll down our Facebook news feed populated by 300+ competing informational sources? Does one sense a feeling of panic, accelerating inadequacy, as if they were being pummeled into dust under a great waterfall, or does one sense a feeling of excitement? I have to refer to Italian Theorist Franco (Bifo) Berardi, here, because I haven’t found anybody else who elaborates on such concerns better.
“Cyberspace overloads cybertime, because cyberspace is an unbounded sphere whose speed can accelerate without limits, while cybertime (the organic time of attention, memory, imagination) cannot be sped up beyond a certain point—or it cracks. And it actually is cracking, collapsing under the stress of hyper-productivity. An epidemic of panic and depression is now spreading throughout the circuits of the social brain”.

The panic induced by the myriad of competing reactions to information when scrolling the Facebook news feed, one either resorts to not caring, reducing all information to the same level (as if Drone strikes to photographs of someone’s well-prepared dinner were nothing but different sweets in a pick and mix stall) or trying to care about everything and becoming utterly exhausted, with monthly drops into depression. But what we rarely pick up on is that the age of Facebook/Twitter/YouTube isn’t merely a social phenomenon, it’s an unprecedented social seismic shift which shows no sign of slowing down.

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