Exhibition at Access Space, Sheffield


Ill Equipped

John Ledger
9 Jul – 30 Jul 2011


John Ledger’s chaotic and warped landscapes observe the structures of civilisation with a sense of suspicion, irony and dark humour. Influenced by his environmental work and writings from literature, lyrics and journalism, John’s paintings are a form of resistance and catharsis as he peers into the 21st century, challenging ideologies and aspirations along with his own feelings of helplessness.

In Ill Equipped, four works depict mutated natural forms and a disorderly play of power, technology, social relations and mediated information, punctuated by large scale centerpiece The Alpha Forest, a metaphor for extinction and struggle for autonomy in the landscape of late capitalism.

About John Ledger

A visual Artist, eternal meanderer and obsessive self-reflector by nature, who can’t help but try to interpret everything from within the tide of society. His works predominantly take the form of large scale ballpoint pen landscape drawings and map-making as social/psychological note-making. They are slowly-accumulating responses to crises inflicted upon the self in the perplexing, fearful, empty, and often personality-erasing human world.

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