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Photographs of Ill-Equipped and Making a Mark exhibitions

Making A Mark
Featuring 5 Barnsley-based artists whose work revolves predominantly around the practice of drawing: The artists are, Richard Kitson, John Ledger, Jade Morris, Mikk Murray and Louise Wright.
Daytime openings: Friday 22 July – Sunday 14 Aug
Opening days Thursday – Sunday, 12-4pm.
Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley, S74 8HJ
John Ledger
Global Ghetto, 2045, marks the centenary of the defeat of fascism (2010/11)
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Mikk Murray
A dog’s life

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Jade Morris

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Louise Wright

IMG_5996 IMG_6009.

Richard Kitson

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Photographs from Ill-Equipped, an exhibition @Access space, Sheffield

A thanks to the people at Access Space for giving me the chance to put this show on. It’s been really good to see these works behind an active environment. Access Space is located on Sidney Street, just a few minutes walk leftwards out of the Sheffield Train Station.

“Access Space is an inclusive environment. As well as working with artists, academics, creative technologists, programmers, other professionals and students, 50% of  the participation in Access Space’s activities are from people in danger of exclusion and on the margins of society, including: people with disabilities, homeless people, ex-offenders, asylum seekers, refugees and people with mental health issues. Through Refab Space, Access Space engages with self starters and entrepreneurs as well. One of the strengths of Access Space is that it brings people from different backgrounds together.”

The exhibition was named after the drawing Ill-Equipped, a work that deals with the affect on subjectivities in an world where almost every aspect of life is becoming penetrated/mediated by cyberspace technologies, leaving us ‘always on’. But more crucially what does to our ability to truly develop an understanding of the big issues facing us in the 21st century.


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Making a Mark – upcoming exhibition

Making a Mark

making mark - small

John Ledger, Richard Kitson,  Louise Wright,  Mikk Murray,  Jade Morris

22 July – 14 Aug (Thurs – Sun)

Hive Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley, S74 8HJ

Open evening: Friday 22 July, 7 – 9pm

This exhibition brings together a collection of young local artists who are heavily dependent on the practice of drawing, or even work primarily through it. The artists all live or were raised in the Barnsley area.

A collective who, through degrees of separation, share friendships and common interests, and this is a great chance to show to the rest of the area that is has a strong community of artists.

The artists use drawing for very different purposes, whether for understanding, for relaxation, exploration, the projecting of messages and even the exorcism of burning thoughts. All of them use it as a voice, perhaps their strongest voice.

Exhibition at Access Space, Sheffield


Ill Equipped

John Ledger
9 Jul – 30 Jul 2011


John Ledger’s chaotic and warped landscapes observe the structures of civilisation with a sense of suspicion, irony and dark humour. Influenced by his environmental work and writings from literature, lyrics and journalism, John’s paintings are a form of resistance and catharsis as he peers into the 21st century, challenging ideologies and aspirations along with his own feelings of helplessness.

In Ill Equipped, four works depict mutated natural forms and a disorderly play of power, technology, social relations and mediated information, punctuated by large scale centerpiece The Alpha Forest, a metaphor for extinction and struggle for autonomy in the landscape of late capitalism.

The Index For Child Well-Being

The Index For Child Well-Being (2011), biro pen on paper, 100X100CM

John Ledger - The Index For Child Wellbeing

close up (large)

The Index For Child Well-being: the little brother of ‘I Want None of This’