A prediction or diagnosis?


Whilst observing the blissful attitude of many of the young people as they meet their friends in Leeds central station and move on into the city for the evening (a gleaming positivity which fades further into my past self as I seek to find out more about why humanity is struggling to keep a place upon the planet/has made a system that seems to be engineered to hasten ecological catastrophe) something I was reminded about in Slavoj Žižek ‘s Living In The End Times stuck in my mind: “We know the (ecological) catastrophe is possible, even probable, yet we do not believe it will happen.
I coupled this image of the blissful revellers with the fact that Leeds train station is a mega-controlled environment, where police officers are always in view and tannoy announcements which never fade from ones ears, and then I came to this thought: surely a belief that it can’t actually happen makes us put our total faith in the paternal figure of the state/the system (or “star system…” as Noam Chomsky writes “….whom we must happily and confidently assign the right to control our lives and to control international affairs”), thus first of all believing whatever the states apparatus requires us to believe, thus unwittingly paving the way for a totalitarian state. Perhaps, however (especially since the threat of global terrorism was perpetuated) rather then being a prediction this is actually more of a diagnosis of our predicament

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