The MAIN reason why I am anti-capitalist.

(Grim expectations ( 2006)
Mixed Medai on canvas

Although all the problems that are magnified, or directly caused by the capitalist system are interconnected, there is one major issue which dwarfs the concerns of all the others for me. yet many anti-capitalist thinkers seem to only skim the surface of it. It is the issue of environmental destruction (climate change and resource depletion) – the father of all my fears.

Although humankind’s very nature of manipulating the environment is always going to be more harmful to life on earth and helpful to it, no system has torn through it like capitalism has. Capitalism is essentially anti-sustainability – it survives by continually growing. It grows by using energies provided by others and not giving back (the old, though still completely relevant critique of the exploitation of workers should rightfully be applied to the exploitation of the living planet), stripping the earth without replacing what it has taken. It pumps the waste into the atmosphere which is unsettling the finely balanced climate systems which nature has constructed over millions of years, and those ecosystems it eats up are what helps control this delicate environment upon which we (humans) thrive. Climate scientists predict we have only a handful of years to cut these emissions from the waste we produce before we cannot stop a catastrophe unfolding larger than any nuclear war. However, possibly down to who funds their research etc or their depoliticized nature, few come out to openly criticise the dynamic system of Capitalism for eating us out of a home of only limited resources. Even if we began to rely entirely on renewable energy as opposed to non-renewable energy the system would still require an insatiable expansion, which would outdo any progress made.

This is why technology alone cannot be the answer. I cannot believe that we could ever live sustainably under capitalism, I think that it can only do the opposite, and from observations made during the past ten years it seems as if the system exaceberates its consumption of the world the more it is threatened by environmental issues. This problem concerns us all – nobody is safe. And this alone should drag along all the other critiques of capitalism, as it is clear now that a just world means being just and fair to everything on the planet not just humans.

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