The Car

I look at cars rushing up and down the main roads and I see the downfall of all of us.

This machine, more than any, epitomises small mindedness.

The small mindedness which makes us think only of the benefits towards us and our immediate family.
The small mindedness which is turning the social into a void from where a few walking figures are but remnants of a forgotten world, continuously fading from our memories – leaving a void in which the perverse and soul-sucking social-networking-site is growing like an enticing but poisonous ivy, chaining us into our box rooms.

The car is the first object from which my anger has to be restrained when the world ignores my cries for fairness.

The car is the object which has detached us from reality more than anything in the past 100 years, yet inside these hi-tech metal cans I see human beings behaving in the most primordial manner.

The car, like the cell phone, like the internet, like capital, is what we are told we cannot live without.

The car is an object, amongst others, which is symbolic of increases in isolation, mental illness, selfish behaviour, environmental destruction, and the triumphalism of right-wing attitudes.

The car is symbolic of the inherent fascism in society

“drive alone and drive with Hitler” I read in a college library book in my earlier, more naive years. And now as I wait and wait in the unforgiving November darkness, relying on the one street lamp to highlight my hand waving for a rarity known as a bus, amidst the violence and light and noise of a sea of cars, the line feels truer than ever.

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