My cramped studio

IMG_5192 IMG_5201

 One of the reasons why there is more writing on this blog than artwork at present is because the place where I make my work is so cramped with old works that I can hardly move. I have provided truthful photographic evidence of this, for anyone bored enough to be interested in such A NON EVENT of me telling you that “nothing is happening”. There again, I kind of like the look of the studio when it looks like a trove of all the stuff in my head – but there again I would wouldn’t I? because it’s my head.
So here it is a post about NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. But at least I’m not posting pictures of my every last carbohydrate being used up,to put on Facebook. If my studio continues to get more cramped – I’ll probably turn to this in a week or so. Sorry to waste the time of anyone who’s time is actually important.


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