UK General Election 2010

business as usual

A predication of how each of these ( include in the chart) seperate parties would fare in overcoming the real biggest issue: climate change. Obviously I’d be routing for the Greens if it wasn’t for the fact that there was no Green standing in my area; or Lib Dem for that matter ; sadly we always have the BNP standing in my area though. Only a party that moves to a ‘real’ leftist stance would be able to overcome climate change and peak oil; the Greens have started to show signs of doing this. Perhaps if the worst happens, and the Tories get in, well at least they’ll be a natural place from which the left can gain momentum.

I believe that a Labour or Lib Dem government would come to their senses eventually, about the scale of the task that faces us, but possibly too late to avoid the consequences. The Tories thrive on inequality. and a more unequal society is proven to be a more sick and less socially co-operative place; a complete disaster for the needed task of creating a sustainable and resilient society.

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