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UK General Election 2010

business as usual

A predication of how each of these ( include in the chart) seperate parties would fare in overcoming the real biggest issue: climate change. Obviously I’d be routing for the Greens if it wasn’t for the fact that there was no Green standing in my area; or Lib Dem for that matter ; sadly we always have the BNP standing in my area though. Only a party that moves to a ‘real’ leftist stance would be able to overcome climate change and peak oil; the Greens have started to show signs of doing this. Perhaps if the worst happens, and the Tories get in, well at least they’ll be a natural place from which the left can gain momentum.

I believe that a Labour or Lib Dem government would come to their senses eventually, about the scale of the task that faces us, but possibly too late to avoid the consequences. The Tories thrive on inequality. and a more unequal society is proven to be a more sick and less socially co-operative place; a complete disaster for the needed task of creating a sustainable and resilient society.

“I believe in Capitalism”

“I Believe in Capitalism” (2010)
biro on paper, 120X160cm
I believe in capitalism - John Ledger

close up of finished piece close up of finished piece 2 IMG_4558

My drawings require me to under go shifts of manual labour; seemingly endless daily repetition. I could be almost undertaking a factory duty, and sometimes I feel like I am using a production method which rivals, in scale of input, that of the mass produce of the system I am trying to stand up to. For this task, the sturdy, bog-standard, office-like nature of the ordinary biro seems fitting.

The landscape of “I believe in Capitalism” shows the insanity of proceeding with a system which is only sustainable in the kind of dream-like world actually fabricated by the system to keep the masses as “Glazed-eyed passive citizens”. The collage of the richest cities’ skyscrapers looks for this very world. Reaching into the sky, its searchlight looks out for a place that doesn’t exist, whilst destroying the only thing we humans currently do have: a life on this planet.

Directly below the skyscrapers, The Alpha Forest – a habitat of rampant materialist individualism of a million voices all trying to be heard like a million trees all vying for sunlight – blocks out any alternative, making the citizens willfully accept that “this is the only way”. Below The Alpha forest, the consequences of this all-consuming system become more and more tragic, until we finally find the doom-laden waves which carry the Easter Island heads, reminding us of the tragedies that befell their island when its inhabitants outstripped the island’s resources, resulting in conflict and a deserted island. Are we recreating the Easter Island Catastrophe but on a global scale?



The Revenge of a Discarded Friend

This piece of work is some years old now, but because of the nature of its theme it is one I have always wanted to leave in an outdoor situation. I wanted to leave it in a nearby city I had never left a work in before. I chose a spot in central Leeds, on the towpath of the canal (now used for leisure not industry), right under the the central rail station. The ‘Discarded Friend’ is nature, human beings are the ones who turfed it out of their homes in favour of a concrete, plastic and virtual world, but it is an eviction which it doesn’t have the power to permanently enforced.

the revenge of a discarde friend IMG_4796 IMG_4725 leeds canal 2 IMG_4632

Art not Oil’s 2010 online gallery

Some of my works are part of Art not Oil’s 2010 online gallery, there is a really good selection of graphic and fine art to look at.
Very much worth a look!

Artwork which you probably won’t see in white cube galleries, but is definitely no less significant.

three tiers of a sinkings ship (2000x1412)