What is our duty as humans, with relative material comfort, as we head in to the second decade of the 21st century? What is productive and what is counter-productive, in terms of seeking a better, more fair, and most of all, a more sustainable world?
Are our blogs, our networkings, our constant messages, images, and ideas, that travel up and down the information super highway, helping us to reach each other with important issues and important information? Or is this separating us from the real world; encouraging us to operate from inside the safe and clean non-places built by global Capitalism? An existence based solely in bedrooms, shopping malls, and chain pubs, where it is possible to disconnect from the realities of outside, once they become a little too gritty.
I ask these questions because I am so confused too about what is helping and what is harming. I just cannot put my trust in a society which has been cocooned in a veneer of consumerism, to be able to act clearly, directly, with solidarity, to make a better world.


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