Despairing over the headlines of the popular right-wing papers

(images of todays headlines)

The reason I despair is because – especially in the place I live – more people read these newspapers than the more rational and liberal ones such as The Guardian. Referring to ‘The Star’s’ headline, for fucks sake, global warming doesn’t mean constantly sunny days, and vineyards in Scotland – a small snow’s fall doesn’t cancel out the science
One must remember who owns the right wing papers: rich media moguls who don’t want us to stop consuming and living high consumption lifestyles – because it is making them money. Most of the people who deny global warming are right wing rich white men, and, sadly, because they control most of the media, the sway the opinion of the masses toward their own opinions.
The only person, who regularly writes for a news paper, who I trust with his opinions is George Monbiot. However his blog slogan sums up the reason why most people won;t read is columns ‘Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it.Tell them something new and they will hate you for it’.
I must admit, when I saw these news headlines in the Gt news shop in Barnsley I muttered to myself “bastards”, I was that incensed, because I know people will take this shit in!. The Daily Stars’ headline is bad – denying that global warming is happening because it’s just snowed – I find The Express headline especially deplorable; that they refuse to accept Browns proposal to give money to developing nations – already being hit by Climate Change – to help tackle the issue (and in my opinion much more needs to be done) when our country is one of the nations that has caused the problem in the first place – these people don’t give a fuck what happens to the planets folk if they don’t live in the UK, OR speak English.
Global warming is FACT; even if there has been some small falsities sent out about it which have been found out of late,they are minuscule compared to the falsities about global warming perpetuated by the right wing tabloids such the ‘The Express’.
(p.s I am not investigative journalist, I’m an artist but some things have to put down in written word rather than in pictures)

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