Is there any other alternative but to…?


It now seems obvious to me that if we don’t have revolution, we won’t just have climate catastrophe but also a Capitalist dictatorship, where no-one can protest any more about the actions of big business – One only has to look at the way the police forces treat protesters at the g20 in London, and now the Copenhagen summit, to see that the right to voice opposition to the actions of the state is more or less outlawed now.
But how do we begin to change things? where do we do this? what job do we need to have which allows us the freedom to do this?. It’s easier to walk straight back to our computer screens – hoping and praying that some good looking member of the opposite sex contacts us and stitches up our dismay – or sit on the settee in front of the television, dreaming of an ever-more distant dream which – though we hate to admit it – is the dream that all us consumers have; The Happy Ending. All of this whilst we let Capitalism carry on ‘business as usual’ in a situation that is only going to get worse.
Somehow, one convinces himself that he isn’t apathetic like the rest; he’s the real deal!, part of ‘the revolution. But does he truthfully have the mental strength and commitment to be this person? or will the temptation of the ‘the big nights out’ (which while they constantly fail to deliver satisfaction, always deliver lethargy and malaise) lure him away again?

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