possible symptons of a decaying culture

I do not think I’m out of place when stating that both me and my closer friends aren’t in a place that seems to be getting any better/rosier – when it sure does need to -, and this is because I’m starting to fear that ‘we’ are showing early signs that the way of life we are told ‘is the way’ is starting to seriously decay; and we – the young people who think/worry – like the first few people to catch an epidemic, are falling first.
If this is to be the case, it is my nightmare come true (there’ll be no happy way out) because if it was just in me – the ‘despair seeds’ i sometimes worry that I plant around – at least I could believe that there was expanses of summers fields outside my little dismal mind; hope for others means hope for me, but if others lack hope then I know that my own dismay is inescapable.
I think that the morale and levels of hope, amongst the most sensitive and worried peoples of the younger generations, are free-falling due to an unspoken feeling that everything we have known is at the end of the line. By this I do not mean ‘The end – armmagedeon’ but a undealt-with growing apathy and dissolution to all that’s around us in society could lead to the slow decaying collapse of civilization; I fear that we are at this place now as the consumer culture has eaten into itself to the extent that it is caving in.
Here I am, sat behind a computer screen, with perpetual contact to millions upon millions of other people. Yet here I am in total solitude, and my instincts are confused as to why this is. I am sat here, hating computers, hating the ever more solitary outcome from the ever more techno-takeover of our lives, yet seeing no alternative but to use this communication method, despite the futility of doing so. All this whilst the TV downstairs showcases, what I believe to be, the death of invention and ideas, by giving me nothing but reality TV program’s to choose from; I find no escapism, no interesting information in these programs, all I see is titillation, conflict and – in some cases – the chance for viewers to see people do the most degrading things; it is the death of ideas, and reality TV can only get more extreme to keep people watching.
This entire culture is a rotting apple, yet no-one dare pick up another because we still rely on these material comforts – crucial to consumerism – to confirm to us everything we know and everything we believe of ourselves – “I’m sinking into misery in my armchair by the television yet I’m too comfy to move”.
Me and my friends are more lonely than we’ve been led to believe we should be, and much less content than we’ve been led to believe we should be: We should possibly be somewhere between where our consumer goggles have lured our eyes to and the ‘actual’ solemn and solitary places we have found ourselves in; consumerism makes us crave for the almost impossible whilst our real lives fall well below the comfortable place that we are entitled to be at. Living in a Consumer culture doesnt get much better than this!
We are all 25 years old and I fear that our lives will only get worse under this system because I believe we (our generation) are like the last dinosaurs at the end of the cretaceous period, witnessing the death of everything we have known to be true. It is almost as if a revolution would be our only way out of this but the word ‘revolution’ scares me shitless, as it infers violence,upheaval, something that us who view the world from the armchair are alien to – real outdoors, non-movie endings.
Like I say, I’m relying on one, or all my solemn colleagues to pull themselves out of this; be it through getting a lover or just finding a good reason to want to be alive, because this will deconfirm my fears that we are the first symptoms of a dying culture, and this will deconstruct my outer-dismay which circles my inner dismay and there might appear green and summer fields around my ‘walled-in’ mind. This would give me one last chance of believing I’ve got somewhere better to aim for, out of my inner walls, as I head into my later 20’s and the second (possibly decisive) decade of the 21st century: So, basically, if my mates get girlfriends or are just generally happier it’ll give me the green light to carry on aiming for the same thing.

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