my 00’s, hopefully not my 2010’s

As we leave the first decade of the 21st century behind us, what is the century beginning to shape into?; what is the story beginning to look like? The story of the 20th century possibly started in 1914, with the first world war, will this century’s changing moment happen so soon in its early teens? Perhaps this century is going to be our most turbulent ever.
My, originally rather large amount, of hope and sentiment, carried from my youth, has been all but erased in this first decade of the new millennium. As a relatively unheard of artist, my concerns about the planet and my future upon it, much outweigh my opportunities to share and discuss them, and because I am disinterested in ‘careers’ this is likely to remain unchanged.
When I am not making art or writing my ideas, my life, from the perspective of others, possibly seems utterly pointless. I go places on trains and buses, walk quite long distances to places, to do little, in regards of reasons to why people usually do go places. People see me walking and later ask “where the hell were you going!??” or if they see me in a city “what are you doing here?!?”. I never have an answer which can be accepted as worthwhile, because I’m not there to shop, see friends, or visit tourist attractions. I’m there, simply because I am there; Aside from my creative pursuits I have no reason to life. The thing is, I don’t believe that occupying ones life with such things as shopping, visiting tourist attractions, going to shows, has any more real purpose either! – at least not in a consumer society as hell bent and advanced as this one, we live in, currently is.
Consumerism has destroyed all real purpose because it has destroyed all values except that of money, so nothing else but spending and making money has a point to it. The thing is this is also destroying the planet – and our chances of survival. This is a double hammer blow, and I probably would have been a solitary meanderer without both, but now I am an eternal meanderer; looking for a way out, an exit.

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