Will ‘The Bomb’ return in the Climate wars?

I have often wondered to myself what the fundamental motives are from the western powers, who try to prevent any non-western nation from acquiring nuclear power, whilst they still cling onto their own “they’re for us, not you!). In the World we live in, at this very moment in time, no sane or insane leader of a nation, such as Iran or North Korea, would be so self-destructive or stupid enough to use an nuclear bomb against another nation – the cost they’d pay for it would be so much higher. So, I do not think this is main reason for the motives of the western powers to prevent these states from attaining nuclear power.
I believe that the major worry is based around ‘tomorrow’s world’. I refuse to believe that any leader – especially now Bush has gone – does not believe that climate change is real, even if they don’t show this awareness or do try and prevent it. They must know, though they wont say it, that many people are going to be ‘fucked’ by climate change, and the majority of these people will be living in the poorer nations – not the developed ones (on a whole).
So, what does all this change? for the leaders of western powers, in their attempts to stop the likes of Iran and North Korea from having nuclear power?: “Only a certain amount of nations can join this club!!”. When the world is plunged into climate chaos, western nations will become right wing military fortresses, as they fight to stay alive, whilst the other – historically poorer – nations are burning all around.
In a world like this, extreme nationalism and far right ideas will sweep through
our nations, and helping the poor nations will be a long forgotten concern, in fact we will see them as a threat to our own existence.
In these ‘historically poorer’ nations, desperation would be so intense that anything could happen; and anyone, with one, could fire a nuclear bomb at someone else.. If the western powers – and I’m sure this must already be discussed in secret – are the only ones with ‘The Bomb’, they can make sure that they are the one’s who survive, because the poorer nations have no way of challenging them without the risk of being obliterated.
These thoughts are bleak, I hope these scenarios do not come true. I hope I do not find myself living in a world of such fear and hatred, that I, myself, might be so desperate to stay alive, that I even agree with policies!.
This must be one of the root motivations behind the western powers’- the historically rich nations’- to prevent nations, like Iran, from having their own nuclear facilities. Iran says it only wants nuclear power to power their nation so it can prosper. I believe this is true. However, I believe that the western powers do not want such nations to prosper, especially with the aide of nuclear power, and wants them to stay ‘underdeveloped’; so when the ‘shit hits the fan’ they won’t be on any wrong side of a nuclear war, and would have the power to take the resources over the other nations because they are the ones with ‘the bomb’.
One thing’s for sure; ‘The Nuclear Bomb’ hasn’t gone away.

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