Global Pillage

 Global Pillage, ballpoint pen on paper, 70X115cm

global pillage (3400x2170)This is the Easter Island Catastrophe but on a global scale. Each Nation eating up its own land and resources, connected by a hegemonic paradigm – perpetuated to the masses through global communication, yet disconnected through increasingly nationalistic and far right politics, caused as conflict begins to rise over who should have access to the decreasing resources on Earth.

Very much inspired by the Gaia theory, I see the human urban landscape as a replica of natures own working systems, yet ours (Gaia 2) just feeds off the land, and gives nothing back in return. These huge tree-like structures mutate into the shape of power stations as their roots turn into roads and tunnels, like the clogged up arteries of an individual, as one entire species begins to outdo itself.

global pillage - Copy

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