A luxury only a few of us will enjoy

I never would have expected my mind to become so wrapped up in the political environment. However, at the moment, I’m really starting to believe that our (humanities) future has been mapped out like this; Environmental disaster – inevitable – Safety for the rich elite – certain death or homelessness for the rest of us.
The creation of an underclass is ideal for the powerful. It may not have been deliberately intentional, just a outcome of the free market, corporate dominated system of Capitalism, designed to line their pockets. But it is favorable to them that a growing number of people, no longer with a voice, with no way of protesting, no way of knowing about (or standing up against) the powers that don’t want ‘them’ involved, are constantly loosing their freedom to prevent disaster happening.
There can be no doubt that some of the people, at the very top of this system, know what is happening, in regards to global warming. Surely the reason that they can sit back, and not only do anything, but make sure that things carry on in this destructive manner, is because they must believe in their own superiority. These people see themselves as the new leaders of the world, of course, their egos will grow to fit this title. So, of course they believe they have the right to survive above the rest of us. so global warming probably means nothing to them, as they are still in the process of making a system which renders the rest of of useless to doing anything, when they fly out of the disaster hit areas, and reside in the remaining safe and comfortable corners of the earth.

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