Everything Has Become a Little Too Serious Here

Everything has become a little too serious here in my head, in fact my whole life has about as much vigor as a car insurance advert, and as much scope for something more than this as my drawings portray. A 25 year old in 2009 isn’t likely to have the jollity of a 22 year in the boom days of 2006, but still, this is pure cardboard. I was sat behind an old man on the bus, who was bitter and angry at everything and everyone. My god, I  thought, I cannot let myself become him – what a nasty old man, he could have played Hitler if he was but a little younger and leaner. But at that moment I saw in myself how such bitterness to life emerges (it creeps up without warning).
Anyway another serious storyboard…
img484 img485 img486 img487 img488 img489 img490

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