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The Healing Process

The Healing Process was exhibited at a recent exhibition at The Hive Gallery in Elsecar, South Yorkshire. An exhibition of 3 young local artists. John Ledger, Richard Kitson and Bradley Sharp.

The healing process: (2008) A series of 3 sculptures and 5 drawings.

These Sculptures slightly obscure some of my drawings leaving only the last drawings free. The sculptures are piles of man-made rubbish, the guilt of an artist in a consumer climate that is piling up to obscure the things (his drawings) he feels most proud of.

However, the mounds show an healing of the scars -from left to right- referencing both my own guilt healing over as i do my best to make use of all this junk to ease my conscience, and an healing of the landscape around my me as nature heals over the scars left by mankind (The landscape where i live used to be covered in spoil heaps left over from the Coal mining industry, now nature as taken most of the land back, making my area very green).

Closer up in the mounds there are traces of man-made objects, like the fossil traces of a species now extinct. I realised the mounds took on an almost pyramid shape and they started to look like monuments to a species that had died out.

Drawings included in the healing process, from top to bottom: This hole cannot be filled in a car-park overspill, If you don’t get out and walk, Tomorrow i will do the same as i did today, A frog in warming water (the myth), The slag heap of society.

Images ftom exhibition 'The Healing Process'. r

Images ftom exhibition 'The Healing Process' d IMG_2777

Hive gallery exhibition (2nd post of images)

Works by Bradley Sharp, Richard Kitson and John Ledger – respectively.

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Exhibition at Hive Gallery, Elsecar, Barnsley

Images of Hive gallery exhibition (November 2008)
Artists: John Ledger, Richard Kitson and Bradley Sharp (Images shown respectively).