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3 Tiers of a Sinking Ship

3 Tiers of a Sinking Ship (100X70cm, black and blue biro on paper)

three tiers of a sinkings ship (2000x1412)three tiers of a sinkings ship - Copy

John Ledger and Humans in cages

Humans in cages is not a graffiti tag name, or a secret code name. Tho i do a lot of work intended to situated in outdoor places, i don’t class putting up pictures and planting trees etc as illegal, therefore i have no need to hide behind the name.
The name is there, because it fits my work…because when i put my work into the surrounding environment, i get the feeling of freedom, like my chains have come loose for that brief moment. My art is in its purest form in this environment, sadly I’ve got to display most of work inside this cage, because sadly i cannot dispossess all my work so easily. id wake up crying if so.


Me, and fellow artist friends: Richard Kitson and Bradley Sharp will be exhibiting our work next month.
In a small room in The Hive Gallery, Elsecar near Barnsley, we will be showing some of of our most recent work.
There is no running them, we all work very differently, its just 3 friends from the Barnsley area, making the most of one of the first galleries to be open to this in Barnsley.
The Exhibition starts 13 November, and runs for 2 weeks,
but please be aware that the gallery only opens Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. 12pm-4pm

john ledger

Music-Making (2005-2008) it was good whilst it lasted

100_0222This blog has been made in retrospect – it was actually made on December 5th 2010 – so if you’re reading this in October 2008, you are reading things written by a future me (don’t worry I won’t tell you what’s going to happen). You see, when I put my guitar and microphone away back in 2008 I didn’t realise that they’d still be gathering dust 2 years in to the future. So, I have decided to make a compilation of my better songs from those years.

During my 3 years of studying for my art degree, I was jobless. The time I wasn’t at my university studio making artwork I spent making music. It was an a period of optimism which, although may not show in my art, does show in some of my songs: I had an alter-ego named Ooon Badger. Ooon badger’s songs were more of a fun nature, more upbeat, and it is this sense of fun which I miss more than anything in the times in which I write this. Most of these songs are under the more somber title of John Ledger thought; as in the end I regard these ones as better songs. But there is a few Ooon Badger in there.

Anyway here’s a play-list of John Ledger/Ooon Badger songs from January 2005 to September 2008.