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Guerrilla tree planting in december 2006 ‘Green Grafitti

I set out to plant as many trees as i could in late 2006. I wanted
I sometimes start to wonder if Guerrilla tactics on tackling climate change and helping the environment are the only way to kick start a revolution for sustainability. The current authoritative boundaries have no way of moving fast enough.
My Guerrilla tree planting plan was called Green Graffiti. I wanted to plant trees where i thought there should be trees – not just in areas where It is legally sound.

It is a idealistic thought, but if every seed shed from every tree on this land had the chance to germinate, one autumn. Then Britain would be virtually covered from top to bottom in trees.
I long to see the day when trees have reclaimed as much as possible of the land they used to occupy, co-existing with human settlement.

My actions are minuscule compared with my ideas, but here are a few ‘green Graffiti successes, ones that i hope make even a small amount of change to that area. The areas were chosen for a number of reasons such as plans for new building development, or county borders.

Junction 38. m1 motorway
December 2006
June 2008
Honeywell college, Barnsley
December 2006

September 2008