Caffiene fueled rant

Sometimes when i drink coffee esq drinks i somehow seem able to come up with my best ideas for my work, i am at my most intuitive. However at the same time it is quite detrimental to my health, and i feel like a car going at 200mph and a windy road.
However ideas-being my bread and butter, give me more health and good living than i would get trying to live healthily (to guidelines), in the human race without my ideas..A human race that no matter which political grounds you stand on (left, liberal, right wing bully) we all are coming to the same conclusion that things are fucking up. Its easy to blame people, some people blame immigrants, and some..well..also blame immigrants.
I personally think we have just come to a point of ultimate confusion/dissolution with life, who the flaming well are we, am i important?, will my Disney dreams come true?. We are having to contemplate this, while having to travel 800mph (exactly) just to keep up with everyone else. Are we unique or are we maggot fodder?
Also, just realize how amazing clouds look, when you look at them through your sunglasses, i bet Bono never looks at them.

About John Ledger

A visual Artist, eternal meanderer and obsessive self-reflector by nature, who can’t help but try to interpret everything from within the tide of society. His works predominantly take the form of large scale ballpoint pen landscape drawings and map-making as social/psychological note-making. They are slowly-accumulating responses to crises inflicted upon the self in the perplexing, fearful, empty, and often personality-erasing human world.

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