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Recent works (2008)

20 Years From Now I’ll Make it, Somehow (2007)

20 years from now, ill make it somehow (better)20 years from now, ill make it somehow (close up 2)..

Tomorrow I Will Do The Same as I Did Today (2008)

tommorow i Will do the saem as i did todaytommorow i will...close up 1

The Hole in My Stomach is Making The Hole in The Sky (2008)

the hole in my stomach is making the hole in the sky.

This Hole Cannot Be Filled in a Car Park Overspill (2008)
this hole cannot be filled in  a car park overspillThis hole cannot be filled in a car park overspill (close up 2c..

The Good Guys (2008)

The Good Guys cx

Pieces of Work placed in Public Spaces (2008)

I Have been placing a few of my works around my surrounding environment, believing the piece should be where the heart of idea comes from (the scenario set in mind). I have no intention to try and do the ‘Bansky’ kind of thing, I just want ‘some’ of my work to be out there in the environment, even though it isn’t land art it gives me a great deal of satisfaction’s to do this. My work is put under the name of Humans in Cages the name is quite fitting to both my life and the human world I see around me. (Thanks to Photographer and friend Rob Nunns for taking the photographs at Wakefield Kirkgate)


The Odds That Were Against us (2007/2008)

This piece was intended to be put on the hills over looking a town. A landscape of troubles that will possibly face mankind this century. I was quite doubtful about our chances around this time. I wanted the work to be imagined as a kind of monument to humankind (as if it had already gone) looking down on it from the hills. (placed upon the High Hoyland ridge overlooking South Yorkshire, United Kingdom).

The odds that were against us the odds that were agants us, glossing

high hoyland ridge 5 high hoyland ridge 2 smallerIMG_0255 (2)

Land of Opportunity (2008)
Although a reflection of the mood I was in, the work is intended to be a reflection of most people’s lives in Britain. Used, manipulated, lock in a man-made cage, from where we are told what to do and think, we believe we are getting a good deal, while in reality we are being starved of quality of life, told when and how long to work, and told when we are ‘supposed to feel joy’. I was waiting in a local train station on the rundown, neglected side of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The train station is awful, but because of how badly neglected it is, it is hard to not feel some empathy for it. Suddenly i thought to myself “you know you haven’t made it in life when you are waiting for a train here!!”, and as daft as that sounds , i then couldn’t think of any other place in the nearby area where the piece of work i was just about to start would fit in better. (Wakefield Kirkgate station February 2008).
the land of opurtinity 3 the land of oppurtunity 1 ffgfdf land of oppurtunity, wakefield kirkgate 6 smaller land of oppurtunity, wakefield kirkgate 2 land of oppurtunity, wakefield kirkgate 1wakefield kirkgate 3

If you find any other small drawings on trains, pubs or bus stations by ‘humans in cages’ its me, I’m not trying to hide my true self, I’m unbelievably bad a that kind of thing!. But the name ‘Humans in cages’ is of relevance and importance to my work.