Smaller drawings (Sept-Dec 2007)

small works made, when no-one is coming into the galleries where i work.

Over analyzing

Problems that don’t go away

If only i could clear my mind of unwanted traffic

Self portrait of a compulsive worrier

Humans in cages

The problem about relaxation is, there is nothing to relax about

Eat and be eaten

Between a rock and a hard place of concern

If you’re not up to scratch on a over crowded planet,
you’ll be blasted into the skies

head under strain

Voices penetrating my comfort


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About John Ledger

A visual Artist, eternal meanderer and obsessive self-reflector by nature, who can’t help but try to interpret everything from within the tide of society. His works predominantly take the form of large scale ballpoint pen landscape drawings and map-making as social/psychological note-making. They are slowly-accumulating responses to crises inflicted upon the self in the perplexing, fearful, empty, and often personality-erasing human world.

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