The happiness of painting and the compulsion of drawing

In my paintings I use recyclable materials, materials utilized in my previous painting. These paintings can never be particularly resourceful but they can make amends for amount of packaging/throw away material that comes with all the equipment i use when painting.

I think a painting highlighting the concerns of the planet is justifiable in using at least resources as long as the bin isn’t full afterwards. The rubbish is transported into the next painting adding relief to the painting, then giving this throw away material some kind of substantial purpose.

As for my drawings, they highlight my fears and are less about ideology than my paintings are. The emotional feeling to doing a drawing is allot different to to paintings. Whilst painting can expel an almost euphoric (at times) and therapeutic sensation, drawing is more a compulsion and though necessary, it works with the more negative thoughts in my mind. This is how it works for me anyway, i can never appreciate a drawing during it making it, quite like i can with painting.

Therefore i would find it physically and mentally hard to be resourceful with my drawing (i.e by using recycled paper etc). However on the grounds of making ‘sell able artwork’ my drawings are allot more resourceful, even if they don’t provoke the positive.



About John Ledger

A visual Artist, eternal meanderer and obsessive self-reflector by nature, who can’t help but try to interpret everything from within the tide of society. His works predominantly take the form of large scale ballpoint pen landscape drawings and map-making as social/psychological note-making. They are slowly-accumulating responses to crises inflicted upon the self in the perplexing, fearful, empty, and often personality-erasing human world.

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