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Contemporary Cities – Robot Heaven/Human Hell

There are so many hidden constraints which set upon a person in an urban area which deny one the freedom that we both deserve and require. Which is why nature should be allowed to co-exist in city areas, like the artist Hundertwasser would say..the straight line is alien to people. The straight line ‘is’ a symbol of restraint itself. Trees should line our streets, grass should grow on roofs, maybe even trees on roughs (if it could work). The sculpture park where i work as a building with a grass roof, its only 5 miles from my town, i would like to see this used in many more buildings. Think of the amount of pollution that would be soaked up. Like I say I’m an artist, and i know nothing about architecture, but i believe the morals for these ideas should be taken seriously.

(paintings a photo edits for my local towns, that i made earlier (as in 1 year earlier), to roughly describe what i mean.

Coffee and Confinement (a bad mix)

Sitting in a dark gallery (my work place) and having a cappuccino at break, made me feel like I was going to fall out of my skin; my heart felt like it was running around my body like it was on an F1 race course. When I spoke to people I couldn’t be sure what was coming out exactly. I was tired, but speeding on nervous energy, a quite uncomfortable surreal state. The more that I thought about it the worse it got. The image below explains this feeling.

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Smaller drawings (Sept-Dec 2007)

small works made, when no-one is coming into the galleries where i work.

Over analyzing

Problems that don’t go away

If only i could clear my mind of unwanted traffic

Self portrait of a compulsive worrier

Humans in cages

The problem about relaxation is, there is nothing to relax about

Eat and be eaten

Between a rock and a hard place of concern

If you’re not up to scratch on a over crowded planet,
you’ll be blasted into the skies

head under strain

Voices penetrating my comfort


Reassuring The Un-Reassuring

I must admit that trying to get my work up around other areas and not always in my home town is something that I am quite apprehensive about. I like my work, and generally speaking I’m confident about the concepts behind it, but both myself and the work doesn’t have the self assured confidence and (maybe) arrogance that I (must admit) do associate with the modern art world.

I am a person with some confidence in what I do, but if someone bumps into me on the street and asked me something face to face I can so easily just fold. I’m not strong in people to people situations. But I am aware that even an artist needs this, in this day and age to ever succeed.

I somehow don’t feel like I really don’t (or won’t) fit into the art world, just like when I write songs i don’t really feel part of the local music scene. Sometimes I think this could be my making, but more often I fear this could be my un-doing. My art (and songs) are as contemporary and analytical of the world as any other art out there. I just cannot justify making art that the vast majority of people probably wont understand.

I certainly have ideas on these grounds, but I don’t really have the patience to construct something which is neither pleasing to me or others.

You Don’t Need a Brain To Be British

You Don’t Need a Brain To Be British, 100X140cm, biro on paper

you dont need a brain to be british2 you dont need a brain to be british (close up 30 you dont need a brain to be british (close up 2)

3rd December 07

The interest, anger and discontent with the environmental and social situation around me (and the reason I make so much work about it) comes from the unhappy feeling which has no logical reason for being inside of me (being a person who’s never really suffered from any major trauma or grievances). So I began to look around to find where the faults originated from, and where true hope may reside. I’ve still yet to find it, and may never.

The search for truth and fulfillment in my own life can only come form a search for the truth in my surrounding environment.

The happiness of painting and the compulsion of drawing

In my paintings I use recyclable materials, materials utilized in my previous painting. These paintings can never be particularly resourceful but they can make amends for amount of packaging/throw away material that comes with all the equipment i use when painting.

I think a painting highlighting the concerns of the planet is justifiable in using at least resources as long as the bin isn’t full afterwards. The rubbish is transported into the next painting adding relief to the painting, then giving this throw away material some kind of substantial purpose.

As for my drawings, they highlight my fears and are less about ideology than my paintings are. The emotional feeling to doing a drawing is allot different to to paintings. Whilst painting can expel an almost euphoric (at times) and therapeutic sensation, drawing is more a compulsion and though necessary, it works with the more negative thoughts in my mind. This is how it works for me anyway, i can never appreciate a drawing during it making it, quite like i can with painting.

Therefore i would find it physically and mentally hard to be resourceful with my drawing (i.e by using recycled paper etc). However on the grounds of making ‘sell able artwork’ my drawings are allot more resourceful, even if they don’t provoke the positive.


Finally starting my blog off, thoughts on the understanding of my own work

The understanding of my art direction, and future as an artist, would be to describe my brain and the ideas inside-as a muddy river with items of value covered and blurred bt the muddy river. I have to get these items of value and clean them up, so that they are clear and understandable. Then i can express and hold them properly inside my works, at the moment ideas (in my opinion) which should be expressed in the outdoors are still confined to canvas and paper.
Maybe this is the process that as always been going on, it is likely that these elements i use so frequently in my work now are the things that were once blurred and indescribable too. So maybe i will be the same in say, 5 years time with some new confusions, maybe…hopefully.