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An introduction to me – John Ledger (summer 2007)

I am John Ledger an artist from South Yorkshire, my mediums are: drawing, painting, t-shirt designing, postering actions, and songwriting.

Work is fueled by fears and concerns and more simply, the compulsion to be creative, and to be remembered, which is probally wht so many of my concerns are environmentally based. I am either up high or down in the depths, i try to reflect this by having an happy alter ego ‘ooon badger’ ( while john ledger concentrates on the seriousness of things.Here is some of my John Ledger work, t-shirts, and Ooon Badger respectively :
The images are taken from my 3rd year degree show in June 2007

Barnsley with a view of other towns

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Like bullets to the skin

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Grim expectations

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Things to worry about t-shirts

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Barnsley after the sea levels rise (happy ending)


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Recent Large Scale Drawings

A selection of large scale biro drawings I have been working on as my degree comes to a closure. All of them are A0 sized

Comfortably Blind (2007)

comfortably blind

Same Old River, The City Got Bigger (2007)

same old river, the city got bigger

 One Man Dreamt as He Was Swept Along (2007)
one man dreamt while he was swept along
The Revenge Of a Discarded Friend (2007)
the revenge of a discarded friend
The Underlying Pessimism of The 21st Century (2007)
the underlying pessimism of the 21st century
Us and Them (Always and Forever) 2007

us and them (always and forever)

Britain 2050: The Human Condition (2006/2007)
britain 2050, the human condition
South Yorkshire after The Sea Levels Rise: Unhappy ending (2006)

barnsley after the sea levels rise (unhappy ending)This is How it Affects Me

Ththis is how it affects meYou Tried The Best You Could

you tried
Underneath The Cellophane Wrapping
underneath the cellophane wrapping best
House Hunting, 2050
house hunting 2050

Like Bullets To The Skin

 Mixed Media on Canvas

 like bullets to the skin