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LOST IN 1997 (another half-fiction from forgotten space)

Part in a series of time-travelling blogs


In the ever-same future that I occupy of the year 2015 I wrote of how my ‘final true futuristic vision [in life]… was conjured listening to ‘climatize’ by the Prodigy, from one of the last true popular-yet-landmark albums ‘The Fat of The Land’, whilst driving past the outer-high-rises of Birmingham on the Motorway in the family car in summer 1997. Well, tonight something occurred whilst my eyes were fixed all trance-like on my current work-in-progress that seemed to join it up with this point in summer ’97.

Somewhere between the album sleeves of Radiohead’s OK Computer and The Prodigy’s The Fat of The Land, between Airbag and Climbatize, lay my last moments I can truly call futurist; an ability to imagine something beyond a recognisable present. Perhaps I am alone in being unable to evade the slow-motion world-freeze of continuity – that constitutive of the ‘where-I-end-you-begin’ relationship between postmodernity and neoliberal ideology. But fuck it; what have I got to lose from some enclaved-avant-garde saying I need to move on? As when I go backwards to ’97, these two landmarks in pop music history (perhaps the last albums to be justifiability classed as being so) somehow transport me forwards, to an entirely different type of 2015 from the one I am pretending not to be writing from. That I am intoxicated on a mixture of alcohol and a rare burst of hyperbolic self-belief in my art-work-in-progress makes me all the more adamant that I ought to spill my precarious-philosophical-guts onto the Worldwide-One-upmanship. Usually I feel I have to explain my point, but fuck it: I designate this a 1997 area on my blog, and I’m not going to go all poker-faced “let-me-hear-both-sides” like it’s 2011 right here, right now.

1997 in hindsight: the fizzing out of the final dregs of an already-fading future. Here’s where it ended, and the 20 years wrangling begins…